sábado, 5 de julho de 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt

Uma brincadeirinha nova (de muitas que ainda vem), adoro esse tipo de coisa.
Tema de hoje: Pointed
Só consegui pensar em super salto alto !
e esse aqui, bomba de bonito .. um Prada !

Inspirado por: www.tnchick.com

9 comentários:

on the Rock disse...

Very nice!

Expat Traveler disse...

Oh great find for pointed... You found them?

Mrs Mecomber disse...

Woweeeeeeeeeeee. Classy! I'd never wear them, but I would probably keep them on my coffee table for looks. Nice post!

I did Photo Hunt today, too! Come see mine and put your link up. :)

Hootin' Anni disse...

If I wore those, the people around me would have the fingers pointed to me on the ground....picture it....Hootin Anni falling down.

Mine's posted

Alice Audrey disse...

I love the shoe!

Mrs P disse...

Beautiful shoe!

JC disse...

I've got a funny picture of Hootin' Anni in my head, now ;-)

That is one pointy shoe!

kaycee disse...

I love it! Gorgeous =)

merrymishaps disse...

Wow, that's a very unique shoe!