domingo, 6 de julho de 2008

Scrumptious Sunday

Week #19: Blueberries

I had never eatean blueberry, but I found a good piece of information: bluberry avoid the development of brain diseases, like Alzheimer.

Blueberries have compounds that boost neuron signals and help turn back on systems in the brain that can lead to using other proteins to help with memory or other cognitive skills.

It is good, isn't it ?

2 comentários:

Livia Queiroz disse...

Wow good informations!!!
i'd never heard nothing about it.( ixee n lembro mais quase nada, n sei s escrevi corretamente...)

Mercedes disse...

Welcome to Scrumptious Sunday! Wonderful information about blueberries! I believe I need to be eating them daily here-lol! I have a poem about Blueberries at my place! Thanks so much for joining us!